Unleash your inner show-off in front of the amazing Boomerang Booth!

At Boomerang Booth HQ we totally get that people can feel a tad camera shy and self-conscious when a photographer points their camera lens at you. It’s why we are always thrilled when there’s a Boomerang Booth rental booked for weddings and parties - it magically turns even the shyest, quietest guest into a bona fide diva star! There really is something special and different about being in front of our Boomerang Booth. Firstly, you are showered in flawless Hollywood lighting from the radiant light halo that surrounds the Boomerang Booth.  Secondly, the self operating button means people are not under a photographer’s watchful eye - so inhibitions just melt away. 

“It’s a great way for people to interact: when you see a Boomerang Booth photo booth at a wedding or party, you’ll see what a crowd-pleaser it really is!”

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE photographers (we kinda have to as the Boomerang Booth founder is a photographer!) but we’ve noticed that when there isn’t a person on the other side of the camera, and it’s just and your mates in front of the Boomerang Booth...it really is show time! Or should we say, Show-Off time?! People get lost in their own bubble of fun, pulling all kinds of shapes and moves that Lady Gaga would envy. Some say ‘Dance like no one’s watching’. Well with all the poses and twirls we’ve seen in front of the Boomerang Booth we say, ‘Boomerang like there’s no one watching!’ Hmm, should we pop a trademark on that pronto?!

“Ok, so after the wedding and party guests have struck their poses, clinked their champagne glasses (again and again!) in front of the Boomerang Booth, they are always - always - amazed that all they have to do is enter their phone number on the booth screen, and BAM! their fantabulous photos are sent immediately to their phone by text. It’s totes digital baby!”

The Boomerang Booth gifs are 100% ready to share with your friends, perhaps there was a  little bundle of you all together prancing around and dancing in front of the Boomerang Booth? Share your Boomerang Booth pics on Insta, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat...genius hey?!

We love our brilliant Boomerang Booth. It gives us a real ‘Say cheese’ grin to see people having such a giggle and fun with it. What we’ve noticed is how wedding and party guests react as soon as they see it - the sparkly, circular ring light framing the Booth always gets people flocking to it like pretty moths to the light. Their curiosity always gets the better of them. As soon as they see their face appear flawlessly inside the ring light on the Boomerang Booth screen, they are SO ready for that close up! They just have to press a button ‘For Photo’ or the other ‘For Boomerang’ and then BOOM! They are snapping away with big smiles and throwing those shapes.

What does For Boomerang mean you might ask? Well it’s a double take on whatever pose you are doing, so you see yourself and your friends repeated on a gif loop..It is so so cool.

"Because the images from the Boomerang Booth are seen right away it really does create a buzz… heck, sometimes it is even a full-on frenzy where party guests love what they see so much that they want to get back in front of the Boomerang Booth again and again and again!"

Our Boomerang Booth diary has been chockablock recently with our digital Boomerang Booth being hired for weddings at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park. We had a particularly wild wedding at Fulham Palace where the Boomerang Booth was hired until the very early hours and boy, oh boy did that lot know how to party!  We’ve got some exciting bookings for birthday parties coming up in London, a marquee wedding in Surrey, as well as a few wedding bookings for Hartsfield Manor near Boxhill which we are really looking forward to.

If you have any upcoming celebrations that you are attending or arranging, perhaps hiring the Boomerang Booth to be part of the festivities would be a perfect fit!?  It would be a real delight to chat more, so please give the Boomerang Booth HQ a buzz on 07792066334 or drop an email to hello@boomerangbooth.co.uk :)