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Share the fun of your corporate event instantly with the fabulous Boomerang Booth | Boomerang Booth

Share the fun of your corporate event instantly with the fabulous Boomerang Booth

Q: In terms of event marketing, what is one of the dream results every Marketing Manager would like from their event?

A: For your attendees to do your job for you!

Let us explain…

"One of the most desired marketing outcomes from an event is for attendees to have a great time and spread the word so the event goes viral."

"The Boomerang Booth can help you do just that. The Boomerang Booth can promote your brand and your event."

By hiring our digital photo booth for your event, great fun and laughter are guaranteed when people get involved with taking selfie stills and Boomerang GIF actions. All the images are sent immediately to the users’ phones and are instantly ready to share. In other words, the Boomerang Booth can make your corporate event go viral.

Our high-tech Boomerang Booth software cleverly and easily formats images so that they are social-media-ready for all the best platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and good old trusty email. The images will be embedded in the event artwork you provide. These we add onto the event images and offer this as a complimentary service.

"The Boomerang Booth is so much more than just about delivering fun. It can be a key part of your marketing strategy."

The Boomerang Booth is a fun way to get engagement at your events, and it also works its magic well after the event is over and everyone has gone home. Your guests look great, your brand gets more exposure.

You will get flawless, flattering Hollywood-quality lighting with your chosen backdrop and your bespoke branding. Your event will be as flawless as a Boomerang Booth image too. Our efficient and friendly Boomerang Booth team will work closely with you to ensure you have the best backdrop setup and ensure all your corporate branding is there, in every image.

Your event attendees are going to have such a blast taking selfie after selfie in front of the Boomerang Booth, in groups, alone, then back to a group again, that they will want to share the fun with everyone they know. Their stylish, fun images will go viral to people connected to your business, all with your branding on it. And of course, one of our Boomerang Booth team is always in attendance to ensure smooth, fun-filled running for your attendees.

All-digital technology so real-time images are delivered. See immediately who engages, who posts, see how many likes, comments, and how many shares. View the analytics to see where your beautifully-shot brand has gone..

Let’s face it, if it isn’t featured on the ‘gram did it really happen!!!

"Make the Boomerang Booth a source of content and part of your marketing mix."

The Boomerang Booth is perfect for Surrey or London office parties, awards ceremonies, launch parties, gala dinners, charity fundraisers, summer balls, team building, garden parties, Christmas parties, conferences, and AGMs.

As you know, you can never have enough content for your business. Be it images for internal and external comms or even fresh visuals for Reels on the company's Instagram account…the Boomerang Booth is the answer to your prayers! You have unlimited use for the duration of the hire when the images are sent to each user, and after the event, you, the client, receives the link to the gallery of all the images. This means tonnes of content at your fingertips! Wowza!

If you're keen to chat more about the Boomerang Booth being at your London-based or Surrey-based event or to book, please do get in touch with our super-friendly, helpful and efficient team by calling 07792066334 or send us an email to :)